Hey!! We went to Habarana Village Again

Habarana Village by Cinnamon is a 4 star resort and is part of Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts. This rustic luxury hotel consists of 108 rooms including 2 suites

Hey!! We went to Habarana Village Again

As I have mentioned in my previous article Habarana is kind of located centrally in the country. So it becomes a destination when u travel across the country. Especially if you come to visit Sigiriya Habarana is a close by city. In my previous article, I explained our experience at Habarana Village by Cinnamon. If you haven't read it yet you can read it from the following link. Since we covered most about the hotel in our previous article I'm going to keep this article very short.

Our Stay at Habarana Village

This time we were visiting Pasikuda for Christmas. So during this trip, we planned to stay 2 nights in Pasikuda. On the way back for the third night we thought to stay in Habarana. Since we had a good experience at Habarana Village by Cinnamon during our previous stay we thought to stay there for the second time as well. So the Check-in date was 25th the of Christmas day and the Checkout was 26th the of Boxing day. Similar to the last time this time also there was an offer for locals. So we choose that option and this time also was a full board stay offer.


We left Pasikuda around 12.30 PM. On the way, we stopped in a couple of different places and it was around 3 PM when we arrived at Habarana Village. We received a warm welcome at the reception and we had to wait for a couple of minutes to get our room key after the check-in process. The hotel seemed to be full since it was Christmas day. A lot of guests were seen having lunch and many were in the swimming pool as well. And a lot were in the check-in process similar to us. After doing the successful check-in we were provided with the key. So we headed to our room after that. But this time we didn't get the welcome drink :P. Our baggage was sent to our room after some time. At that time the sun was harsh and we didn't want to get out at that time. So we thought to stay in the room for some time. There was a good movie-going on the television and we watched it for like an hour and after that, since we both were tired from traveling we both had fallen asleep :D.

We got up around 7 PM and it was almost dinner time. So after getting dressed for dinner we went out. The environment was well lit up. There were Christmas decorations everywhere. Since we didn't have anything after breakfast we directly headed to the dinner buffet. Dinner had started already and it was very crowded.

So we selected a place to stay and started our Christmas day dinner. It was a really good buffet and it had a good variety including vegan options, seafood options, meat options, and village food options. The must-try for me was the paratha with mutton curry. It was super delicious.


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Dessert options also had a really good variety. Many Christmas-themed desserts were also present.

After having all courses we were really tummy full. After dinner, we had a good walk and then headed back into our room. We called it a day after heading to the room and fell asleep.

The next day, we got up around 8 AM and got ready for breakfast. Breakfast was also offered in a buffet. Similar to our previous stay this time also it was a really good breakfast that was being offered with different varieties of food.  Thosai, Pittu, Hoppers, Rice and Curry, Noodles, English breakfast items, and everything was present in the buffet. We really enjoyed it.


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After having breakfast we headed outside for a small walk and claimed to a tree house and stayed a while there. There were guests playing tennis, and badminton. Also, a lot of people were riding foot cycles as well. Some were playing cricket. Since it was kind of a gloomy morning people were enjoying their stay at Habarana Village at their leisure.

After staying some time in the tee house we thought to get into the swimming pool since. Since we came here a month or two back we had covered most of the places during our previous stay. So we didn't want to do foot cycle riding or to do more walks to the butterfly garden etc. We wanted to play badminton but people had taken the rackets before us so we had to wait. It seemed like they are playing for some time and we thought to get into the pool without waiting for it.

We stayed in the pool for around an hour and we enjoyed it. After that, it was almost time for us to check out. So we got ready quickly and packed out bags. After that, we did the payment and did check out. Similar to last time we kept our bags in the lobby area and went straight to the restaurant to get lunch. Since many guests were there they offered a buffet for lunch. Similar to all previous meals this meal also had different varieties and everything was super delicious.

After having a filling lunch it was our time to leave the hotel to head to Colombo.

This stay was very much similar to our previous experience. So the food was good and tasty. The staff was friendly and helpful. Everything was good and we enjoyed it to the max.