Genting Highlands: A Fun-Filled Adventure in Malaysia

Genting Highlands: A captivating integrated resort with hotels, casinos, shopping malls & the Skyworlds Theme Park. A popular weekend getaway from KL, accessible via highways, roads & Awana Skyway cable cars. Excitement awaits! #GentingHighlands #Malaysia

Genting Highlands: A Fun-Filled Adventure in Malaysia

Malaysia doesn't have a Universal Studio Theme Park. But they do have Genting Highlands.

Different travelers like different attractions. Some like spending time hiking, some like staying in hotels while some may like spending the day at a theme park. So if you are in Malaysia and if you want to have a fun-filled day with an experience similar to visiting Universal Studios in some other country then Genting Highlands is the place for you.

When we were planning our Malaysia tour we made sure that we keep one day aside to explore Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands is an integrated resort development comprising hotels, casinos, shopping malls, and the latest Skyworlds Theme Park in Pahang, perched on the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali at 1,800 meters high. Nestled near the border of Selangor about 35km away from Kuala Lumpur, Genting represents a popular weekend getaway from KL, connected by highways, roads, and cable cars via Awana Skyway.

On a clear day, the peak overlooks lush valleys of rainforest stretching towards KL, a breathtaking view for visitors as they enjoy the cooling weather and serene mountain environment. Also located around Genting in the surrounding valley are many tourist attractions including rustic villages, culinary hotspots, homestay retreats, nature destinations, and more.

If you are visiting getting highlands first of all you need to buy tickets. Tickets can be purchased in the following ways.  

We made the booking through the official website. Once you make the booking you will receive an email with the e-ticket.

In genting highlands, there are two parks one is an outdoor park which is the main attraction and is open from 11 AM  to 6 PM daily. This is called the Genting Skyworlds Park. Also, there is an indoor park as well. This usually opens in the evening around 2 PM - 10 PM and this is called Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park. What the indoor park has is mainly different adventurous rides.  We bought the ticket only to Skyworlds park since we had to return to our hotel. If someone is staying the night there at Genting Highlands you can take tickets for both.

Once you buy the ticket there is a mobile application for Genting Skyworlds Park. You can download it either from the App Store or the Play Store and configure it before visiting the park. This contains so much information about the park. The map inside the app shows where different attractions, games, and activities are located in. Also to get the maximum use of this app you need to scan the QR code in your e-ticket through this app. Also, you can add all the member's tickets to this app and make a travel group inside the app so that it would be convenient for you to book different rides together.

Getting into Genting Highlands was easy. Since our accommodation was near the Nu Central Mall we could easily get the bus that goes to Genting Highlands. You can take the bus from the basement of Nu Central Mall. This bus goes from Nu Central to Genting Highlands Awana Sky Way Station. From there you need to take the Awana Skyway cable car to reach the Genting Highlands. There are different ways to buy tickets for both the bus and cable car.

  • At the bus starting point counter -  You can pay for both the busses and the cable car ticket as well for both ways
  • Book the tickets through Klook - You can book through Klook for both the bus and the Skyway Cable Car for both ways. We used this way to book the ticket to avoid queues at the bus stations.

The bus ride from KL Central to Awana Sky Way was smooth and took around 1 hour. After arriving at Awana Skyway we showed the e-ticket we received through Klook and got into the cable car. The cable car ride was also smooth we had to travel around 10-15 minutes in the cable car to get into the Genting Highlands resort. The cable cars arrive at the First World Hotel in Genting Highlands and it world's largest hotel. If you have more time to spend in Malaysia you can choose to stay a night in this hotel and you could explore all that the genting highlands have to offer.

Since we had purchased the tickets earlier we didn't want to stay up in the ticket queues and we could easily get in by scanning the e-ticket QR code at the entrance. Since we had added the ticket to the Genting Skyworlds app we could easily show the ticket through the mobile app.  

To SkyWorlds via Awana Skyway
The beautiful temple that you can visit with Awana Skyway 

One thing to note is that during weekend days the place can get super crowded and it's advisable to go there earlier as possible and explore all activities rather than going there late. For different attractions and rides, there are different queues.

When you purchase the ticket you get three complimentary VR Queue Reservations. That means let's say there is a ride you want to go and the queue is super long. Then you need not wait physically in the queue through the Skyworlds app you can use one VR queue reservation so that virtually you are there in the queue but physically you can be somewhere else playing some other ride. Since we received three VR reservations we used all of them for certain busy rides and that was super useful in saving our time. If you need more VR queue reservations than the three that you receive complimentarily you can purchase them at ticketing counters for a fee.  

Getting ready for a roller coaster ride

There were a lot of rides and attractions for us to explore and cover throughout the day. In certain designated places there were different traditional and international shows as well. You can get all information through the Skyworlds App.

If you feel hungry while you are inside the park there are a lot of food stores and options available to choose from. So food is not a problem for you while you keep exploring Genting Highlands.

The closing time of the park was 6 PM and by that time we were able to cover all the rides except for 2 or 3 because there was a slight rain in the evening and those rides were closed during that time. But overall we were able to cover all of them. By 6 PM all the activities were closed and it was time for us to leave the Skyworlds Theme Park.

Ice Age Show

But it was just the end of Skyworlds Theme Park, Skytropolice Theme Park was yet to be explored. There are two options to select when buying tickets for Skytropolice theme park. Either buy a full ticket which includes all rides and games or buy a ticket separately for each ride. If you have the time it's better to purchase the ticket with all attractions because it will cost you less than buying separate tickets.   Since our bus was leaving at 7.15 PM we didn't have much time so we didn't buy a full ticket and we bought the ticket for just one roller coaster ride only. That ride was exciting and we enjoyed it a lot.

Since it was time for us to catch our bus we started heading towards the Cable car and showed our Klook ticket and were able to get into the cable car and we headed to the Awana Station.

All in all, it was a super exciting fun-filled day for both of us. If you are planning to visit Malaysia never miss this place where you could have a lot of fun.