Travel Log - Off to Trincomalee (Day 2 of the 3-day tour)

Travel Log - Off to Trincomalee (Day 2 of the 3-day tour)
Photo by Nadun Ranasinghe / Unsplash

In my previous travel article, I wrote about our trip to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. In this article, I’m going to write about our trip to Trincomalee. Also, this is a continuation of the same above-mentioned trip to Sigiriya. If you didn’t get to read the previous article. Following is the link to it.

Travel Log - Off to Sigiriya (Day 1 of the 3-day tour)
It’s been a long since I last wrote a blog article. And I’m kind of fed up with the technical stuff as well. So I thought of writing about my last long weekend getaway with my wife. In this article, I will be writing about the first day
Sigiriya Our Capture

As I stated in the previous article this was a four days trip with three nights. The first night we stayed at Sigiriya Village Hotel. Then the next day our plan was to travel to Trincomalee and stay the night there.

View of Sigiriya Rock for Breakfast

So on the second day, we had our breakfast at the hotel which was given as a buffet. After that, we wanted to travel a bit around since the world heritage Sigiriya Rock and Pidurangala was nearby. We were able to get two-foot cycles from the hotel. They had a few cycles with them and they were kind of renting them. As I remember they charge around LKR 300 for an hour per bike. So we got the bikes and started cycling towards the Sigiriya rock.

Cycling towards Pidurangala

The area was very beautiful with the scenery of Sigiriya Rock in the background. Also, the roads were beautiful with the trees being grown beside the roads and those trees were bearing flowers those days. So we cycled a few kilometers and reached Pidurangala. After going there we had to park our bicycles in a separate place and had to start climbing Pidurangala rock. It was around noon when got down from Pidurangala. After that, we cycled back to the hotel while taking a few photographs as memories.

My Self :D
Wifey ❤

After getting into the hotel we got into the swimming pool a bit and spent some time there as well before having lunch. Since we didn’t have much time for our checkout we hurried up and got changed ourselves and checked out from the room around 1 PM. After checking out we kept our bags in the lobby and went straight to lunch. Lunch was also delicious and it got our stomachs full.

After having lunch we thought to start the journey towards the next destination which was Trincomalee. Driving was a bit boring there since the roads were almost empty. But the roads were in good condition.

New video by yasiru nilan

On the way, we passed Kantale tank as well and we took a couple of photos there as well.

Us near Kantale Tank

In about one hour and a half time, we were able to get to the place where we were staying in Trincomalee. It was a nice beach kabana. The place had altogether 5 cabanas.

All were facing the beach and the beach was like 50 meters distance. This place is on But on the days that we were going, it was not accepting bookings on Might be it was due to the offseason. So we directly contacted the hotel and made the reservation. They didn’t want me to do any advance payment as well. Just word-of-mouth booking it was. When we arrived at the location it seemed that all the other 4 cabanas were full with some other travelers as well. In my opinion, this place is worth the money. It didn’t have any toiletries apart from the piece of soap. But the room was spacious and clean. They had provided clean towels as well. This place was costing me LKR 5000 only on a BB basis.

Straight after coming to the cabana we got changed and went to the beach. The beach was so broad.

Sunset near the beach
Us ❤

It seemed like there was a fishing village nearby to the right side of the village. Also, there was a Navy post nearby as well. To the left side, there were a couple of hotels. I went towards a navy officer and asked whether we can bathe on the beach he said people and bathing there but they have to take their own protection. So we thought of not bathing there. We spent a couple of hours on the shore and then came back to the cabana since we were planning to visit the Trincomalee town as well.

Us with the Cabana
Entire Place

We got changed quickly and went towards the koneshwaram temple. But it was 6.30 PM and the surrounding was dark when we arrived there. We parked the car in the parking area and went up towards the temple. By the time we arrived at the temple, it was closed. So we went around the temple and took a couple of photos and came back. When we came back to the car park since it was night and dark we saw several porcupines and deers near our car. We waited for some time and got into the car and started coming back. Since it was dark and night we could not go anywhere else. So we planned to pick something for dinner and go back to the hotel. When coming back to the hotel near Trincomalee town there were herds of deers roaming freely.

Koneshwaram Temple

For the dinner, we bought fried rice and a burger. We took it to the hotel and had it in the dining area. There were some parties going on in some of the nearby hotels and we could hear loud music coming from the DJs. Also, a lot of fireworks happened that night. After spending a couple of hours outside we went to the cabana and started planning for the next day. Before we started the trip we had done the bookings for two nights only. The one at Sigiriya Village and this place in Trincomalee. So kept the third destination as TBD.

So both myself and wife had a discussion on what to do tomorrow. So we looked into some of the hotel options and some places on as well. So there was a deal at Girithale Hotel for a Half Board booking. So we decided to go for it. So we did the booking there.

Then it was time for us to rest for the day since we had another long day tomorrow. So thinking of all the good memories we collected for the day we fell asleep until the next day :)

I will write about the next and the most exciting day in the next article. Hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know your feedback as well. :) Love u ❤