Wonderful Staycation at Uga Bay

Uga Bay is a luxury Pasikuda beach hotel situated on one of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated beach stretches – Pasikuda. Brimming with coastal charm, our property’s stunning architectural design incorporates Mediterranean elegance and tropical simplicity, making it stand out amongst the Pasikuda hotels.

Wonderful Staycation at Uga Bay

Since there were a couple of holidays before and after Christmas we were planning to go on a trip. The planning part was the hardest. We needed to decide where we want to go. We tried to visit Pasikuda sometime back. But we didn't get the chance to visit there. So this time we thought to visit Pasikuda even though it was not the season there.

We had 4 days of holiday including the weekend. So the trip was to begin on 23rd December. So we decided to stay 2 nights in Pasikuda and one in Habarana on the way to Colombo. So we needed to select two hotels in Pasikuda. Since we had a perfect stay in Uga Jungle beach recently we were more inclined towards a stay in another Uga Chain hotel. So we opted for one night stay at Uga Bay in  Pasikuda. There was a promotion going on for the residents as well. So we decided and did the booking online through their website.


Uga bay has two different accommodation facilities.

1) villas

2) studios

Villas come in two different types

Studios also come in two types

The day before the travel front desk officer called us and got confirmed whether we were coming tomorrow or not. Also, he asked whether we have any allergy conditions to foods. As per my understanding, they are creating the daily menus based on that as well. Since most hotels do not focus on this area it's really remarkable that they focus on the guest's food conditions as well. Also, they wanted to know our arrival time at the hotel as well. We mentioned that we are planning to come around 1 PM. Even though the check-in time was 2 PM the officer was not hesitant to offer us an early checking option.

On the day of the travel, our plan for the day was to take breakfast and lunch on the way and visit Somawathiya Temple as well and finally reach the hotel. We both haven't been to Somawathiya before. So it was a good experience for both of us. After arriving at Hingurakgoda Junction we had to take the road toward Somawathiya. The road was in good condition but it was a narrow road for certain parts of the journey. In the latter part, we traveled through the Somawathiya Sanctuary to reach the temple. In the past couple of days, it had been raining there and the water had reached the road and was flooded there. So we had to drive very cautiously in certain parts of the road. After passing this difficult road we were able to reach Somawathiya temple. It was not that much crowded that day. After buying some flowers and other necessities we visited the temple. Temple was located in a very calm environment it bringing peace to the mind.

At Somawathiya Temple

After doing all worshiping we were ready to start our journey toward the hotel. There were two paths to go. One was to use the same path we used to come there to go back to Hingurakgoda and then take the main road to Pasikuda. The other short-distance option and the one shown in Google Maps was the road from Kandakadu to Welikanda. Since that was the quickest and shortest distance option we opted to go for that and started our journey. But the journey wasn't smooth as we thought. It might be the shortest-distance option but the road conditions were the worst. But nothing was there we could do so we went along the road slowly until we reached a good road.

Since we had to travel slowly it was really late when we reached the next destination, the hotel.

Even though we were planning to arrive at the hotel around 1 PM it was actually 3 PM when we reached the hotel. We had to stop in a couple of places on the way for breakfast and lunch as well and the time taken to visit Somawathiya Temple on the way took more time than we expected due to the difficult road conditions.

Uga bay was located on Coconut Cultivation Board road and there were around 10, or 15 hotels located on this same road. The most popular ones are Maalu Maalu by Theme Resorts, Amethyst Resort, Ananthaya, and The Calm resort to name a few. Another popular one Amaya Beach Hotel is located on the other side of the road.

After reaching the hotel we got a warm welcome from the reception and we were escorted to the lobby area. We had to wait some time there to complete the check-in process and while we were waiting there we received a welcome drink as well.

The hotel was nicely decorated for Christmas as well. Since we visited there on the 23rd it felt like it was almost Christmas there. After around 5-10 minutes we got our room keys and we both were escorted to the room by a front desk officer there he gave us a briefing about the room and the facilities available at the hotel. The room looked super specious and it had all the amenities that a guest would require. One thing that I noticed with the Uga chain is that everything is pre-provided in the room when a guest checks in to the room. In most of the other hotels, only the main amenities are provided and if we want something else we have to request it from the reception or the room service.

Since it was reaching sunset time and since it was not sunny that much we decided to go to the swimming pool. So we quickly got changed and headed towards the pool. The pool was not crowded at all. A local couple with their children and a foreign couple was there in the pool. The swimming pool has been built as an infinity pool. It had a wonderful view of the Indian Ocean.

View from the swimming pool 

That day the sea was a bit rough. It had been the same in the previous days as well. As per the hotel staff when the sea is calm it makes a beautiful view of the pool and the ocean when seen from the other end of the pool. Even though it was the eastern coast we witnessed a beautiful sunset from the pool itself.

After enjoying some time in the swimming pool we thought to go to the room and get changed and come back to have a nice walk over the beach and the hotel. So when we got out of the swimming pool two masseuses came over to us and told us that they provide a free massage for 10 minutes and whether we want to try it out. We both were okay with that and the masseuses started giving us a really good massage for both of us. It made us a bit relaxed after the massage. After that, they mentioned that the Spa is located below the swimming pool in an underground area and asked us to come over if we prefer to get some more treatments.

Spa Entrance

After getting the message we head over to the room and got changed to have a walk outside. Since sunset happens earlier it was almost dark outside when we got ready. So we headed towards the beach bar to grab a drink. We had a couple of drinks and spent some time over there. The area was nicely lit up and it had a calm environment.

After staying there for some time we went to the game area which is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. The game area consists of many games including pool, chess, carrom, and table tennis. Some other guests were there playing different games and we also played carrom for some time there. The time was almost 7.30 PM and the restaurant was open for dinner. Since we were also hungry we went to the restaurant on the ground floor.  The menu was displayed at the entrance of the restaurant. We were escorted by one of the restaurant staff and we selected a place to dine in. After that, we were provided with the menu for the dinner. There were a lot of options to select from. After taking some time we choose what to have and provide our selection to the restaurant staff.

The restaurant was nicely lit up and already had the Christmas vibe there. While we were waiting each dish came to us one after the other and in the end, we had a filling dinner for both of us. Even though it's not a buffet food variety was there to choose from on the menu and the portions were in really good sizes so that the guest will have a really good dining experience.

The staff at the restaurant was really helpful and really attentive to what happens around them. After having a filling dinner we headed to the main lobby area. The main Christmas tree was there. We spent some time over there and after a while, we headed up to the room to call it a day.

‌             ‌

We had a really good sleep and it was almost 8 AM when we got up the next day. After getting up we got dressed nicely and headed to the beach.  Still, the sea seems to be rough as in previous days. So the red flag was hoisted on the beach. After having a walk we headed towards the restaurant to have breakfast.  Similar to the dinner we were escorted by a restaurant staff member and we selected a place to dine in. A menu was provided to us with the options that are available.

Similar to the dinner the menu had a good spread for anyone including vegans and non-vegans. Breakfast was also tummy-filling and they asked us if we want anything else as well. After having a tummy-filling breakfast again we went towards the beach.

Since we had to check out at 12 PM we had to hurry up. So after having a walk and taking some pictures we again got into the swimming pool. We spent some time over there and time was almost 12 PM  when we got out of the pool. Since we needed some more time we requested a late checkout as well. The hotel was able to give us till 12.30 PM to do the checkout. Since it was the day before Christmas the number of guests coming on that day was high. So it's reasonable for them not to provide late checkouts that day.

After getting out things packed we kept our bags outside the room for a bell boy to collect them and we headed to the reception to do the checkout. Since we had done the payments while we were booking we didn't have anything to pay for except for the drinks that we took from the bar. While checking out reception offered a cute flower bouquet to my wife.  

After completing the checkout process the hotel manager walked to us and had a little chat with us. He explained a bit about the hotel and the hotel chain as well as the tourism situation there as well. After having the chat we were all ready to leave the hotel for our next destination (which is located within walking distance of Uga bay).

Overall we really had a wonderful stay at Uga Bay hotel. So it was the second Uga Chain hotel we visited and both hotels kept us amazed with the hospitality of the staff, the amazing and tasty food, and the beautiful locations provided inside the hotel premises as well as so many things. So what I can say is if you visit Pasikuda next time this is a must-visit place <3

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